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Generation Hope, the company behind HOPE, puts building public school classrooms at the top of their list and invites everyone to build more, one HOPE product at a time. They’re on a quest to ensure that Filipinos can achieve their full potential and prosper, pledging 100% of their profits for the cause and engaging with the private sector in the Philippines.

Launched in 2012, their mission was simple: to allow Filipinos to choose another way––to vote with their peso about what was important to them. Today, Generation Hope has built classrooms across the country and enjoy a partnership with hundreds of premium retail outlets, all of whom, like Generation Hope, believe in the power of Business For Good. As Generation Hope looks towards the future, they are expanding their portfolio to invest in products that improve opportunities for all Filipinos. With the continued support of both the public and private sectors, they have found another way––a better way.


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