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The R2R Story: Our Social Enterprise Model

Hello, we are R2R! We make things that matter and weave joy into every story

Who we are

We are a fashion and design house empowering community artisans. We make things that matter and weave joy into every story. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, R2R is proof that style and sustainability can coexist.

What we do

We partner with local artisans across the Philippines to create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled, overstock cloth and indigenous fabrics.

And most importantly, WHY we are doing it

We don’t just love seeing transformation, we love being a big part of it! R2R is a life and livelihood partner for empowered and dignified artisans as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.

And this is also why we started Things That Matter, a joyful marketplace that creates positive impact and inspires an intentional lifestyle.

We have years of experience in building an end-to-end inclusive enterprise, learning along the way, making a lot of mistakes, and pushing forward anyway. So we thought, why not create a platform that will allow us to share what we have and what we have learned to other like-hearted brands? 

And another big WHY

You! Your decision to surround yourself with things that matter inspire us every day! We thought you should know.

Thank you for weaving joyful stories with us!




A truly inclusive, end-to-end social enterprise

We are intentional about creating a super integrated, opportunity-providing social enterprise from the beginning. This is what we have in our supply chain––for now!

Our principles: 

Collaborative, Market-driven & Artisan-considerate Design Approach

Our design team is comprised of our product development team, sales and marketing team, supply chain team, and our advocates! Design in R2R is not a department, it is a way of doing things and it is a tool for creativity, compassion, and excellence. 

Inclusive Decision-making & Governance

Our artisans are represented in our management team and board! We believe that in order to truly change things, we can’t monopolize the conversations and decisions that affect so many. Opening opportunities for livelihood is not enough; we have to open the opportunities to decision-making and governance. 


1. Community Sourcing

While we scour the country and other parts of the world for the best materials because we want our products to last for a really long time, we also consciously choose other artisan-created materials. We love working with other social enterprises who provide livelihood and opportunities to more local artisan and indigenous communities! 

2. Community-based Weaving

A big and constant part of our design is the signature R2R weave. Our community artisans weave these and since most of them are mothers, we have created a unique system that allows them to work from their homes. Every quarter, we collect and collate the “commitment hours” of each artisan and translate these into products and job orders. 

3. Centralized Production & Assembly Workshop

This is our in-house workshop artisans who are experts in creating top notch products out of intricate and delicate artisanal materials. We put together our materials, artisan-woven panels, and community-sourced materials in our in-house workshop where another group of artisans sew and assemble them into bags and other fashion and home accessories. 

4. Sustainable Market Access

We have our own brick and mortar storesan online store, and stockists from the Philippines and some parts of the world like Anthropologie (US & EU), K’ness (Switzerland), and American Nomad.

5. Creative, Compassionate & Empowering Storytelling

We strongly believe that strong brands live longer. Thus, we make sure that our artisans are integrated into our brand and narrative because they are not just workers who manufacture things but they are artisans who create meaningful things that are both stylish and sustainable. 

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