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On-Off Shoulder Top White Pinilian Navy

Meet the On-Off Shoulder Top, a light and breezy convertible top perfect for this summer heat. What makes this top extra unique? It can be worn in 3 different ways (the sleeves are removable & reversible!), is made from breezy fabrics, is detailed with indigenous textiles, and is made with joy by the artisans of R2R. 

R2R On Repeat is R2R's clothing line that celebrates repeating clothes, mixing & matching what you have, keeping a high impact wardrobe as low impact as possible, and weaving joyful stories.⁠ Learn more about R2R here.

    • Shirred tube top in either Japanese shirting (Beige, Blue, and Gray colorway) or cotton linen (Rust colorway)
    • Removable & reversible off-shoulder sleeves that attach via buttons and can be worn in two ways:
      • Right side indigenous fabric
      • Underside same material as the top

      Model is wearing Small.

      • Small
        • Length: 13"
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 24 to 27" (garter not stretched)
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 32 to 36'' (garter stretched) 
        • Armhole Opening" 10 to 13"
      • Medium
        • Length: 14"
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 25 to 28" (garter not stretched) 
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 33 to 37'' (garter stretched) 
        • Armhole Opening: 11 to 14"
      • Large
        • Length: 15"
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 26 to 29" (garter not stretched) 
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 34 to 38'' (garter stretched) 
        • Armhole Opening: 12 to 15"
      • XL:
        • Length: 16"
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 27 to 30" (garter not stretched) 
        • Upper Bust Circumference: 35 to 39'' (garter stretched) 
        • Armhole Opening: 13 to 16"
      • Three (3) parts
        • Tube top
        • Two (2) removable & reversible sleeves
      • Three (3) ways
        • Tube top
        • Tube top + removable & reversible sleeves, right side
        • Tube top + removable & reversible sleeves, underside

                Hand wash with care using mild detergent and room temperature or cold water. Do not wring. Air dry only.

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