Better Basics with Camila Benipayo

by Audrey Ferriol on Nov 13, 2021

Better Basics Camila Benipayo

Better Basics is our R2R On Repeat capsule collection designed to look great together and with (almost) anything you already have. For our new Better Basics+ drop featuring our fresh holiday colors, we invited one of our dearest friends and advocates, Camila Benipayo, to be its ambassador. Let's get to know her!





1. Tell us about you!

I’m the most introverted extrovert you will ever meet, and my day only starts after I get my black coffee fix. I work as a Communications and Marketing Manager for a global tech company, and my role allows me to hone my instinctive ability to understand others and to give them an authentic voice.

If there’s one thing I’m most passionate about, it’s telling stories—whether it’s through words or photographs.


2. Why are you an R2R advocate?

I strive to live intentionally and make mindful, sustainable choices every day—R2R helps me do just that and more, in style. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with R2R (and even hosting a weaving workshop!) in my previous job, and I’m happy to be an advocate of their cause to empower community artisans to this day.


3. What is the first place you'll visit or go back to when we are free to travel?

I’d love to go back to Coron and El Nido, Palawan. As much as I miss traveling abroad, I’m an island girl at heart and it’s no question that we have some of the most beautiful ones here in the Philippines. Supporting local tourism and businesses is a cause I’ll always stand behind. 


4. What keeps you going?

Purpose, passion, and productivity (in that order). Being reminded of my “why” puts everything into perspective and inspires me to keep learning. These three, and maybe another cup of black coffee and a good book.


5. Share your best fashion life hack.

Invest in reliable wardrobe staples. When you have a capsule collection of mix-and-match essentials that you can love for a long time, the possibilities are endless. Do yourself and the planet a favor by choosing eco-ethical fashion brands like R2R that encourage you to wear quality products on repeat. Among their many versatile pieces is the 4-Way Top which is a personal favorite!


Shop the Better Basics collection here.

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