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Personal Protective Equipment

We try our best not to leave anyone behind as we navigate through this pandemic.


All personal protective equipment or PPEs in this curation are produced by and give livelihood to our different artisan community partners in the Philippines.


Learn about more ways to help out in COVID-19 on our blog.

Face Mask (Buy 1, Get 1)

Earth, Too

PHP 50.00

  • Navy Blue Neoprene
  • Blush Neoprene
  • Deep Red Neoprene
  • Yellow Microfiber
  • +1
Face Mask with Indigenous Fabric

Earth, Too

PHP 150.00

  • Light Gray Pinilian
  • Binakol Gingham
  • Binakol Brown
  • Brown Kantarines
  • +10
Face Mask Filter

Earth, Too

PHP 75.00

  • Beige (Bundle of 5 pieces)
Embroidered Face Mask with Pouch
Sold OutSale
Embroidered Face Mask with Pouch


PHP 346.00 PHP 495.00

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Maroon
  • Gray
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