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Why It Matters

When we started Rags2Riches in 2007, we knew that it was only the beginning of partnering with community artisans who may not have a lot of opportunities, but have a lot of grit, compassion, and determination to uplift their lives. And it was indeed the beginning. The road so far has been interesting, inspiring, and if we are completely honest (and we try to be!), challenging. But even if the road to get here has not been easy, it was, and still is, completely worth it.

AND we haven't forgotten about that belief when we started, that what we started was bigger than us. So here we are, creating and curating Things That Matter! Our founding company and now our flagship brand, Rags2Riches, will be part of this not just as a brand, but also as a collaborator, learner, and sharer for the other like-hearted brands on the platform, and of course for you, our advocates

Things That Matter is a joyful marketplace that creates positive impact and inspires an intentional lifestyle. But it is more than just a one-stop shop for all beautiful and meaningful products. It is also a community of advocates who are creating a better world, one intentional decision at a time.




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