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Designer Collaborations

Are you a designer? If you design clothes, bags, accessories, interiors, furniture, and the like, and would love to work with artisans, let's talk! 

We have collaborated with amazing designers and every collection has been interesting, inspiring, and surprising. Our team in R2R is great at what we call "design translation". This means that we "translate" more technical and even abstract concepts or design ideas to our artisans and we also "translate" the intricacies, complexities, and limitations of artisan crafts to design partners. After all, translation always works both ways.

If you are a designer who wants to explore working with artisans, drop us a line below. You can read about some designer collaborations we have done in the past here, here, and here

When exploring designer collaborations, we consider values alignment, brand and aesthetic fit, impact to our artisans, and timings. 

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