Hello there!

R2R started with the very serious mission of lifting Filipino artisans out of poverty. We started doing this through partnering with artisans and transforming unwanted fabric into woven rugs, then into bags.

Today, we are a fashion & design house empowering community artisans from the Philippines. We make bags, clothes, home accessories, and *almost* everything in between. 

We are still serious (about our WHY), we overthink things (especially when it comes to empowering & sustainable practices), but we do all these with an abundant sprinkle of joy and a lot of happy dances!

We are all about

Intentional Design

Everything starts with design. So if we start it with intention, great things can follow. We don't just design amazing products, we design the way these products come to life and get to you. 

Sustainable Materials

While there is no perfectly sustainable way to make things, we try our hardest to come close (and closer). We upcycle a LOT of pre-production deadstock fabric and we are always actively seeking & sourcing for materials that consider sustainability throughout the whole supply chain. 

Long-lasting Products

A huge % of the clothes produced in a year are thrown out during that same year. The waste that the fashion industry generates can greatly be reduced by simply using what you have for as long as you have them. So we design & make our pieces in a way that makes it feasible for you to love them for a long time. 

Empowering Trade

Actual human beings make the R2R pieces. They are artisans who are weaving their own stories and transforming their own lives for the better. And we are so here for it. As in we started because of them!