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Our Impact Updates: Part 1

Our Impact Updates: Part 1

It's been more than a month since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in Metro Manila, and although it's been tough, there were pockets of hope happening around us that kept us and the entire R2R community hopeful.

We're here to share the small steps that we at R2R have been taking so we could all come out stronger, kinder, and more compassionate as a community. Here are Our Impact Updates as of April 21, 2020, in numbers:

1. 148 meals for frontliners

The profits of R2R Sol, our Summer 2020 Collection, will all go to supporting food, necessities, and PPEs of our frontliners. This week, R2R was able to remit the first batch of donations through Rock Ed Philippines.

Learn more about the R2R Sol collection here.


2. 5,068 reusable face masks sewn by R2R artisans

Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine started, our artisans were able to sew 5,068 face masks using textiles from our current stock of fabric and from donors such as IKEA Philippines and Wanderskye. These masks generated livelihood for our communities and helped protect non-medical frontliners.



3. 100% of the R2R team and workshop artisans were able to receive salaries

While not all of our workshop artisans have the capacity or tools to work from home, we were able to provide every single one of them with salaries. It has not been easy, and it may get harder, but we will be working even harder to continue this and get to the other side stronger and together.


Ate Carmen (left) and Ate Fencia (right) are just some of the R2R artisans working from home to make the face masks

Thank you to you, our advocates! You made this happen with your support and love for our artisans' creations. We are so grateful to you for the light that allows us to keep going amidst this uncertainty. We hope you keep staying safe and healthy as we weave through this time together. 

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