Gifts That Matter: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

by Audrey Mae Ferriol on Dec 01, 2017

Gifts That Matter: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We believe that gift-giving should be done with mindfulness and intention, like all other things we do for the people who matter. It’s so much better if the presents we purchase are made with a meaningful story, are functional for everyday use, and give joy to more than just the recipient.

This is why we have Gifts That Matter, our recommendations of gifts that are locally crafted, artisan-made, and story-filled. What else could be better kinds of presents on this season of giving?

I. For your best friends

1. Candid Shift Dress, Php 990



For this holiday season, why not have a matching outfit with your whole barkada? Introducing Candid’s classic Shift Dress. Its jersey fabric makes it wrinkle-free so you and your friends can definitely strike all kinds of crazy poses while wearing it. 

Shop it online here.


2. Tejo Adriana Earrings, Php 500



Since Christmas is a joyful and festive holiday, why not give your friends a pair of fun statement earrings to go along with the occasion? The Adriana Earrings by Tejo comes with six bright colors that are perfect for the season.

Shop it online here.


3. Sip Steel Straw Classic Set, Php 120



This next item is the perfect gift for your friends who simply love to drink iced cold beverages but are consciously trying to reduce the waste they produce every day. The Sip Classic Set is inclusive of a stainless steel straw, cleaning brush, and a canvas case. No need to ask for plastic straws the next time your friend eats out.

Shop it online here.


4. Rags2Riches Vanna Pouch, Php 229 to Php 359



Help your packrat friends be more organized this coming new year. The meaningfully woven Vanna Pouch is an all-purpose zip pouch which comes in different sizes; small,  medium, and large.

Shop it online here.


II. For your relatives
1. Habi Batangan Infinity Scarf, Php 999



Help your aunts and grandmothers keep warm during chilly Christmas nights with Habi Batangan’s Infinity Scarf. It will not only protect your loved ones from the cold weather but it's the perfect Titas of Manila accessory that's handwoven with a whole lot of meaning.

Shop it online here.


2. So True Naturals Castile Soap, Php 495 to Php 795



So True Naturals’ Castile Soap is a powerhouse addition to anyone's skincare routine; it's all-natural, has the mild cleansing and moisturizing properties of olive soap which makes the skin soft and supple, and the fragrance leaves a clean and fresh feeling after use.

Shop it online here.


3. WVN Home Textiles Linea Towels, Php 1,350


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Do your relatives constantly travel? Or do they love going to the beach? Then they'll appreciate WVN Home Textiles' Linea Towels. These towels are perfect for all kinds of trips and beach outings. They can also be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes: as a yoga mat towel, picnic blanket, beach towel, or bath towel. 

Shop it online here.


III. For your brothers and sisters

1. Funk Trunk Watches, Php 3,499


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Funk Trunk’s timeless watches are a fusion of function and style. These watches are made out of responsibly sourced wood so it is sustainable and a great timepiece––plus, its color palette complements various kinds of outfits.

Shop it online here.


2. Sip Duo Set, Php 200


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This Sip Duo Set is perfect for your siblings who are just as obsessed with milk teas, smoothies, and other cold beverages as you are. This set is inclusive of a milk tea stainless steel straw, a classic straw, a cleaning brush, and a canvas case. Plus point: You'll also be leading them to a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle.

Shop it online here.


3. Rags2Riches Charlie Laptop Sleeve, Php 1,749



It's time to replace your siblings' laptop cases with something new and meaningful this holiday season. A Charlie Laptop Sleeve might be a perfect gift for them. One great feature of this laptop sleeve is the adjustable belt; no need to worry if their laptop is an 11-inch or 13-inch because it caters to both measurements. Plus, it's woven with purpose by urban artisans in Manila.

Shop it online here.


4. Hope in a Shirt - Kabuhayan, Php 2,500 



For your stylish sister, give her something unique this Christmas season. A Kabuhayan Hope in a Shirt will definitely pique her interest. This shirt is made out of 11 plastic bottles and the shirt was designed by the talented Solenn Heussaff! How cool is that?

Shop it online here.


IV. For your nephews, nieces, and godchildren

1. Mayown Super Monkey Travelbuddy and Mermaid Travelbuddy, Php 2,350 & Php 1,450


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Children will absolutely love playing with the travelbuddies made by Mayown. These locally made toys, like the Super Monkey Travelbuddy and Mermaid Travelbuddy, are designed and handwoven with a lot of love by urban artisans. Kids will definitely let their imagination run wild while playing these travel buddies. There are several variations to choose from so it will be a little difficult to choose but have fun!

Shop it online here.


2. So True Naturals Phthalate-free Baby Cologne, Php 495



Keep your children or baby siblings smelling fresh and sweet all day long with So True Natural’s Phthalate- Free Baby Cologne. It's safe and all-natural and comes with two lovely scents: Nat & Davey and Baby & Bear.

Shop it online here.


V. For your officemates

1. Tsaa Laya Pyramid Tea Bags in a Canister, Php 299


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Share a cup of tea this holiday season with your officemates or gift them Tsaa Laya’s Pyramid Tea Bags. It comes in four different flavors: Lemon Ginger, Java Banaba, Tanglad, and Pandan. Since work can be quite stressful, drinking these kinds of tea will help them relax and improve their health.

Shop it online here.


2. Mayown Keychains, Php 250



Mayown's keychains are both cute and purposeful. They're hand-crocheted by artisans in Manila and come in so many beautiful designs and colors. It's a simple, no-brainer gift for your entire office but packs a lot of meaning.

Shop it online here.


VI. For your mom or dad

1. ANTHILL Fabric Gallery Slim Necktie, Php 899



Add a bit of fun to your dad’s formal wear by gifting him ANTHILL’s Slim Necktie. It is made out of an assortment of beautiful indigenous weavers from Abra. Its pop of color will definitely bring out the best of your dad's personality and will surely look good in any social or business events.

Shop it online here.


2. Clare Hynes Jewellery Pia Necklace, Php 5,000



This statement piece made by Clare Hynes is a showstopper and rightfully so––mothers deserve the best. The Pia Necklace has a handwoven gold plated and black rhodium plated chain with leather flowers. Mom can pair it with her lovely dresses for any occasion.

Shop it online here.


3. Linea Etnika Joy Dress, Php 5,950


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Dress your mom in Linea Etnika’s Joy Dress. This functional piece can be worn from morning meetings to dinner parties. It features the beautiful Yakan weave on the chest and shoulders, giving it a joyful story and conversation piece––a stunning dress for the warmest and kindest of hearts that only mothers have.

Shop it online here.


4. Rags2Riches Mark Wallet, Php 649



Maybe it’s time for your dad to change his wallet for the new year. The Mark Wallet fits all the bills, coins, cards and even a phone in its interior. It is definitely different from the typical leather wallet that your dad usually uses––something special and one-of-a-kind for the best man in your life.

Shop it online here.


VII. For your special someone

1. Piesa Helena Petite, Php 1,000


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Make your loved one happy with a wearable work of art like Piesa’s Helena Petite. The necklace is made out of fabric wrapped wire and was intricately twister to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Shop it online here.


2. Christian Cera x Rags2Riches Sibat Tote, Php 4,779



How about a minimal Christian Cera leather tote with a touch of Rags2Riches for your significant other? This Sibat Tote is both sustainable and stylish, with its patchwork design made from scrap leather and its classic design that blends with all kinds of outfits.

Shop it online here.


3. Rags2Riches Max Backpack, Php 2,999



It can be a hassle to carry around a lot of school and work materials every day. Both functional and made with intention, this Max Backpack is designed to fit all essentials, making life so much easier for your loved one––and isn't that the best gift you can give?

Shop it online here.



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